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Look in the journal for writing fresh-baked every day. Look at the web camera to see what I’m doing now.

I write all my html by hand on my Macintosh with the help of BBEdit. My Macintoshes all run OS X nowadays. I mangle images with Photoshop. The journal is run by a collection of Python scripts. Many of my other pages are generated by PHP backed with a mySQL database.

These are my personal pages. They have stuff I wrote yesterday and stuff I haven’t looked at since 1995.

Actually a combination of a blog and a wiki. Updated nearly daily since 2003.

Ceej’s black book
The online journal thing. Here you’ll find vast amounts of reading material provided nearly daily since August 1996. This is where most of my web energies go.

Open-source software projects I'm involved with. Also, open-source software projects my husband works on.